Masonry is everywhere in a large city like Chicago, as it was rebuilt using bricks after the Great Chicago Fire. Bricks make for a very durable combination with mortar, but neither lasts forever. So prolonging the life of bricks is very important, which makes tuckpointing in Chicago a critical service.


What exactly is tuckpointing? Tuckpointing is a very common repair and maintenance service provided for stone and brick structures. It can also enhance the aesthetics of a brick surface. When done as a repair, tuckpointing is often a preventative solution.  

Tuckpointing resolves to scrape out the old mortar to a certain depth around the existing bricks and then filled in with new mortar. The purpose is to replace cracking or crumbling mortar to strengthen the bonds to the bricks. It takes an expert, like those at TopLine Tuckpointing Contractors in Chicago to know what type of mortar is right for tuckpointing, as the wrong mortar can put undue pressure on some bricks. This brand new mortar helps to keep the structure looking sharp while holding it structurally sound.


Tuckpointing is a very cost-effective mode of repair, as it can save you money on more difficult repairs in the long run. While avoiding these extreme repairs later, tuckpointing in Chicago does an excellent job of keeping your entire structure together. Prices will vary from one tuckpointing contractor in Chicago to the next, so make sure you compare prices. But be certain you are dealing with experienced professionals like TopLine Tuckpointing Contractors to avoid complications. Consider that labor and preparation will make up the majority of the tuckpointing costs, and materials are added as well.


It is best to call expert tuckpointing contractors in Chicago well before major repairs are required. Examine your brickwork or stonework carefully to determine how the mortar looks. If you find cracks, discoloration, pieces missing, or visible crumbling, it is time to call a tuckpointing contractor. An expert can tell you if tuckpointing is the best course of action. By scheduling tuckpointing for your structure before the problem spreads or gets worse, you can save a lot of money and stress due to added repair costs down the line. A little preventative work through professional tuckpointing in Chicago goes a long way to saving you from having to rebuild entirely after the structure begins to disintegrate.


When the mortar around your masonry is weakened, tuckpointing in Chicago can fix the problem as long as it isn’t too far gone. Here are some other benefits:

  • If your mortar is corroding, tuckpointing can halt it. 
  • Tuckpointing will extend the life of the brick or stone that makes up your chimney, by repairing the damage by moisture seeping in through deteriorations in your brick mortar. 
  • A chimney rebuild is your only recourse if the mortar joints get too weak. Tuckpointing restores the stability and structural integrity of your chimney.
  • Tuckpointing and repair is far less expensive than chimney replacement.
  • Moisture is bad for your mortar. Tuckpointing contractors in Chicago know that there is also unseen damage such as mildew, mold, wood rot, and other moisture related deteriorating possibilities. Tuckpointing is a defensive move against moisture.
  • Your building is more than just a place to live or work. Tuckpointing restores curb appeal.


When you think that you can save a lot of money on your tuckpointing DIY project, well, you need to think again. It’s not possible to do everything yourself. When you hire professional tuckpointing contractors, they can work on your home or commercial properties. They will use the highest quality, most valuable, and strongest building materials.

The following are some advantages of hiring expert tuckpointing contractors in Chicago.

Skill: Tuckpointing contractors have years of experience, which is why they are the perfect people to get your tuckpointing needs done.

Reliability: Experts know that they agreed to do the work, so the company is obligated to finish any of your tuckpointing services on time.

Materials and tools: Professional tuckpointing contractors in Chicago have the proper materials and tools to produce outstanding results.

Trust TopLine Tuckpointing Contractors for any tuckpointing needs that you may have. We are here to go beyond your expectations every time.

Dependence Of The Season In Context Of Tuckpointing Chicago, IL

Can Tuckpointing Be Done in the Winter?
Yes, but only with the right approach. The best time for tuckpointing Chicago is during spring or fall, with temperatures playing around 40 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Also, any work done at the exterior of your home should be done when there is no heavy rainfall the day before the project or hours after it. But sometimes, you don’t have a choice but to ask for tuckpointing contractors in Chicago to come and do the job so your bricks and your home won’t receive further damage.

What If You Need Tuckpointing Services in the Winter?
If you need a tuckpointing service to address the signs of cracking in the mortar even in the winter, we at TopLine Tuckpointing Contractors will utilize handy additives to accelerate the speed of drying the mortar. These additives generate more heat on the mortar to speed up the curing process.

How Long Does It Take To Do  Tuckpointing Chicago, IL


One of the most common questions we get is how long tuckpointing takes. As with many other restoration projects, the size of the building and the state of the existing mortar play a significant role. Here’s an overview of the basic tuckpointing Chicago process and the factors that influence how long it takes.


An on-site visual inspection of your building is the first step in determining how long tuck tuckpointing Chicago will take. This assists us in determining the extent of the deterioration.


The first step in the tuckpointing process is to remove the old crumbling mortar from identified areas.


After removing the old mortar, we thoroughly clean the area to ensure that no old bits of mortar or mortar dust prevent the new mortar from adhering to the brick. Finally, the process of filling new mortar is completed.


Assess the damage

TopLine Tuckpointing Contractors in Chicago will determine what needs to be repaired.

The setup

Our team will establish a safe way to work in the area with the right equipment.

Grinding/joint removal

When ready, our tuckpointing contractors in Chicago will remove the masonry joints.

Cleaning open joints

Joint removal can leave debris, and this is cleaned thoroughly before proceeding further.

Mixing mortar

The new mortar mixture is prepared using a wheelbarrow and hoe.


The mortar is pushed into the brickwork from a hawk board using a joiner or tuckpointing trowel.


The mortar is left to dry until the moisture evaporates enough but pliability remains so that excess mortar can be brushed away for a finished look.


The masonry is cleaned by tuckpointing contractors in Chicago two to three weeks after completion any residual haze is removed.