Parapet Wall Repair by Topline Parapet Wall Repair Chicago, IL

The parapet wall is an essential part of our home. It is the protective barrier constructed at the end of the roof of our house and balcony. It plays a vital role in our family’s safety as a firewall dividing two adjoining houses, buildings, or apartments. Over time, original cement caps fail and result in moisture to your property. Also, because of the parapet design, its top and vertical surfaces are exposed to elements making it vulnerable to deterioration accelerated by rain, snow, and temperature changes. Weather in Chicago can be harsh, and it damages your masonry’s parapet wall. To protect the structure of your parapet wall in Chicago, contact Topline Parapet Wall Repair. We have the knowledge and skills to help you with your parapet wall repair, from choosing parapet wall cap material to flashing and more. Give us a call today to arrange a schedule for inspections!

How To Know If You Need Parapet Wall Repair Chicago, IL

Invest In Coverings
Our masonry contractors Chicago at TopLine Parapet Wall Repair recommend installing felt coverings or lead flashings when moisture and rain start to get into your property. These work as an added layer of protection against wall damage. Leaks occur when many of your walls still have cement caps it originally comes with.

Cause Of Issues
Holes or cracks on parapet walls cause roofing issues during low temperatures. Water expands when it freezes, making fractures on your roof worse and leads to problems with the bonding, an important component of a roofing structure. Ask our experts for a parapet wall repair Chicago right away when you see signs of holes or cracks on your parapet walls.

When You Need Roof Repair
Other signs that you need a masonry repair are mold, dampness, or water ingress on the roof. These issues result in further parapet wall damage. When you spot any of these, contact our roofing specialists right away to do a full inspection of your parapet roofing and address issues accordingly.

Most Common Questions TopLine Parapet Wall Repair Chicago, IL Being Asked By Customers

What Is A Parapet Wall?

A parapet is a low wall that is built above the roofline and typically wraps around the perimeter of a building. Parapets can be purely decorative or serve a functional purpose, such as concealing mechanical equipment or acting as a firewall.

Why Is It Required?

To give the structure a pleasing appearance. To provide safety for people on rooftops and, in the case of bridges, to keep vehicles from falling off.

Why Is It For?

On a roof, a balcony, a terrace, or a stairway, a parapet protects individuals behind it from falling or attacking from the outside. You should always keep your parapet walls in the best condition, so think about hiring TopLine Parapet Wall Repair Chicago.

What Is Minimum Parapet Wall Height?

The parapet wall should be 30 inches or 2.5 feet above the roof surface to minimize negative bending moments and the rising of the roof slab while supporting the roof structure.