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When your masonry is repaired, it basically means we patch and plug gaps and cracks in the mortar. We swap out old mortar or bricks that can no longer handle the weight, putting in new, stronger replacements. At TopLine Masonry Repair in Chicago, we can do all of this, making your masonry look like new. 

We replace mortar where needed. Our masonry contractors in Chicago are highly-trained and can match new bricks or blocks to the originals, ensuring a consistent look in appearance. 

If your masonry has become brittle due to age, or damaged due to accidental means or weather, the pros at TopLine Masonry Repair are ready to lend their masonry repair expertise. With a wealth of experience over many years of service, we can handle the challenges of Chicago’s masonry structures. We want your building to stand into the future and we can help it do that by doing masonry repair.

Signs Your Building Needs Masonry Repair Chicago, IL

Call a professional masonry repair company like TopLine Masonry Repair in Chicago if you see any of these signs that your masonry is in trouble.

Cracking masonry: Even a small crack in the masonry of your home or business needs to be dealt with quickly. If left alone, the damage will become more severe, and more expensive to repair. 

Concerns in your interior: If you have noticed drafts, window deformation, cracks or any sort of moisture buildup, these are the tell-tale signs that you need masonry repair. 

Loose or missing mortar: If your building is between 15 and 20 years old, tuckpointing might be necessary. However, there are circumstances that might make it needed sooner.

Chimney issues: Keep your chimney from falling apart. If your chimney is flaking, you notice cracks, parts of the flu are showing up at the bottom of the chimney, or your fire-box is rusty, it might be time for masonry repair in Chicago. 

Call TopLine Masonry Repair in Chicago today if you see any of these symptoms.

Masonry Repair Chicago , IL of Deteriorated Masonry

The optimum approach to repair masonry is determined by the origin and amount of the deterioration, as well as the climatic conditions the brickwork is subjected to. The following are the repair options:

  • Composite Patching – Replacing deteriorated sections with a carefully prepared repair mortar that exactly resembles the host masonry’s color, texture, and physical qualities.
  • Dutchman Patches – Small regions of deterioration are replaced with new masonry that is meticulously fashioned to fit the void created by removing the degraded piece of the masonry. Rather of brick or terra-cotta, Dutchman patches are frequently applied to stone.
  • Remove & Replace – The entire masonry unit is removed and replaced with new masonry.
  • New Veneer – The entire exposed face of the masonry is removed to a predetermined depth, then replaced with new masonry.
  • Retooling – Reshaping the masonry unit in its current location without removing any of it.
  • Consolidation – After carefully removing the poorly degraded masonry material, several specialist treatments that reinforce and stabilize the remaining masonry unit are applied. The masonry is not renovated, but rather left in its natural state.

Choosing the best method to repair deteriorated masonry is a critical decision that should be done by a trained, experienced, and competent professional. Thankfully, Topline has got you covered. One of the most reputed masonry contractors in Chicago, Topline is equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills that your house needs. If you have masonry problems within the Chicago area, don’t hesitate and call Topline now.

Masonry Repair Chicago, IL - Questions To Ask Your MAsonry Contractor

  • How Many Years Of Experience Do You Have?
    Hiring experienced masonry contractors Chicago like TopLine Masonry Repair is necessary to ensure a successful project. Ideally, hire those familiar with masonry Chicago areas as they know the weather and local soil patterns important in masonry work.
  • What Do You Specialize In?
    Some professionals specialize in masonry repair Chicago stone repair, while others work on commercial construction projects. If you plan to have specific work done, find a masonry company that can deliver your unique needs.
  • What Are The Materials That You Use?
    Different tools and types of mortar are required for varying projects. You have to ask the contractor you will hire how they get the job done and what type and quality of materials they will use.
  • How Long Does It Take You To Finish Your Job?
    It is important to get honest feedback on this question. For example, projects like major foundation repairs take longer to complete. Also, keep an eye on contractors who propose unrealistic completion dates.