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For any kind of masonry repair in Wilmette, TopLine Masonry Contractors is the right solution, offering professional expertise and reliable service. Operating since 1999, TopLine Masonry Contractors is Wilmette’s brickworks specialist that so many homeowners count on to take care of all masonry.

Our experienced team of masonry contractors in Wilmette is able to handle any situation. From common masonry repair to skillful tuckpointing to finely detailed masonry restoration in Wilmette, we have the professionals who can take care of the problem and make your building right. We can even be there for outstanding chimney repair in Wilmette, so you can get back to using your fireplace worry-free.

Make your brickworks look new and function as expected with the professional masonry and tuckpointing in Wilmette by TopLine Masonry Contractors. We are the number 1 choice for masonry repair in Wilmette.




When you have issues with your mortar joints, don’t wait to call TopLine Masonry Contractors for incredible tuckpointing in Wilmette. We will completely transform the look of your bricks while also making sure your walls are watertight. Whether you have a commercial building or a residential structure, our team is ready for you.


If you own an older or historic building that’s in need of masonry work, don’t leave it to just anyone. TopLine Masonry Contractors in Wilmette will ensure your bricks retain that classic look you want. We bring you masonry restoration experts that can renew your old building and make it look new again with the same genuine historical integrity and appeal.



We are specialists in masonry repair in Wilmette and we’re always ready to help. With over 20 years of experience handling even the most difficult masonry issues, we know what your bricks need. Cracks, crumbling mortar, damaged bricks, and more, we make quick work of all of it so you can feel great about your masonry in Wilmette.


To add a new wall, extend an existing wall, or build an entirely new structure, make TopLine Masonry Contractors in Wilmette your specialists in brickworks, for any project. There is no project we can’t handle with our best masonry and tuckpointing contractors in Wilmette on the job.



If there is even a hint of a problem with your chimney, contact TopLine Masonry Contractors for professional chimney repair in Wilmette. We will assess the damage, advise you of the next steps, and make the necessary repairs. That way, you can get back to enjoying a nice warm fire safely and with confidence. Chimney repair in Wilmette should be handled by the experts at TopLine Masonry Contractors.


If you notice rot or cracks in your lintel structure, it is important to address it immediately. If left unattended, more damage will be done to the structural stability of your home. Aside from being unsafe, it is also expensive to repair. TopLine Masonry Contractors is a professional company in Wilmette that provides excellent lintel replacement. Our professionals have been working for many years and have the expertise you need to repair and replace lintels.



With the harsh seasons in Wilmette, it is essential to properly maintain parapet walls because they are an important component of masonry and roofing systems. Parapet walls are defending your home against elements and extreme temperatures. If your parapet is damaged and left unattended, infiltration will erode mortar joints and may cause the bricks to crack and spall. TopLine Masonry Contractors in Wilmette are professional and experienced in providing parapet wall repair and restoration.

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At TopLine Masonry Contractors, we make sure that your brickwork keeps its great beauty through the exceptional skill of our masonry and tuckpointing contractors. Our chimney restoration services in Wilmette are available for residents and business owners. You no longer have to worry about the mortar cracks, even though it’s only a matter of time before water and pests find their way in, our tuckpointing and masonry contractors will take care of it fast. We will make sure to pay attention to every little detail so they look great and will last for years. With our masonry restoration, we only use the highest quality of materials and the highest quality of work at an affordable price. Count on our experience with chimney repairs in Wilmette to handle your residential or commercial brickworks project.


over 20 years of experience

TopLine Masonry Contractors has helped build some of the finest commercial and residential houses in Wilmette. We have 20 years of experience in every sector of masonry and tuckpointing services. We have earned the trust of our past clients, and their recommendation is a testament to our capability.

great reputation

TopLine Masonry Contractors service all of your masonry needs from tuckpointing, masonry restoration, masonry repair, and chimney repair in Wilmette. We have a reputation for having exceptional quality workmanship, and we will be happy to provide references upon request.

friendly customer service

At TopLine Masonry Contractors, we do our best to provide an excellent job to our customers. Our masonry contractors are friendly and approachable, and do each project with a smile.

quality workmanship

TopLine Masonry Contractors ensures you that your project is being performed to our high-quality standards. Our attention to detail is unparalleled, so you can expect an excellent masonry and tuckpointing result.

affordable prices

Choosing the TopLine Masonry Contractors means you will benefit from top services that are affordable, and you can expect a high return on investment for every job.

TopLine Tuckpointing & Masonry Contractors Wilmette, IL - What Our Clients Say

TopLine Masonry Contractors was excellent with their chimney repair for my Wilmette home. Everything was made clear for me and they took care of business.

Roberto Tomlinson
Wilmette, IL

We needed lintel replacement in Wilmette and TopLine Masonry Contractors was here quickly to deal with it. Their work was efficient and very professional. We feel very safe with our new lintels.

Israel Mcbride
Wilmette, IL

TopLine Masonry Contractors took to my tuckpointing in Wilmette with incredible expertise. They made my building look amazing and gave me confidence that it is now fully sealed.

Craig Gutierrez
Wilmette, IL

What Is The Most Important In Tuckpointing Wilmette, IL

If the mortar joints on your masonry in Wilmette have begun to crack, flake, or otherwise deteriorate, you need tuckpointing right away. With the correct materials and techniques, you can get a waterproof seal for your masonry, but TopLine Masonry Contractors in Wilmette believes your brickworks should also offer a beautiful appearance. So our experienced team carefully matches your new mortar to the existing masonry already in place when taking care of your tuckpointing, complementing your mortar and architectural profile.

First, our tuckpointing contractors in Wilmette will grind out the mortar joint to at least a half-inch depth or to a point where solid mortar is found. This prepares the mortar for the next phase. Then tuckpointing can begin by placing the new mortar into the joints using a color that matches the existing material as much as possible. When the mortar hardens enough for a thumbprint, we will then use a tool to establish a concave profile and a waterproof seal.

Masonry Contractors Wilmette, IL - FAQ

Do I need to work with a licensed masonry contractor in Wilmette?

Yes! Masonry contractors that are not licensed could lose their working permits. It also ensures that they abide by all the rules and regulations.

What does masonry repair mean?

Masonry repair in Wilmette is the process of mending individual sections of your wall. It includes filling cracks, plugging gaps, and patching. Sometimes, masonry repair includes replacement of bricks or stones.

Why do I have to choose masonry construction in Wilmette?

Masonry construction increases the value of your property. Masonry building has a longer lifespan than any other building type. TopLine Masonry Contractors consists of experienced and professionals that you’ll be comfortable and glad to hire.

What is the first thing I should do when I notice masonry damage?

The first thing to do when you notice masonry damage is to call TopLine Masonry Contractors in Wilmette. We conduct a thorough inspection and best solutions to avoid severe damages in the future.

Benefits of Masonry Repair Wilmette, IL

Over time, brickworks collapse, leaning walls require immediate attention, and chimneys get damaged. For all these concerns, TopLine Masonry Contractors is your best bet for any tuckpointing or masonry work you need in Wilmette. With our proficiency level in the field, we can address any masonry restoration or lintel replacement you need. We can check your mortar joints, chimneys, leaning walls, and leaky areas, perform a thorough inspection, and give you a service recommendation that our specialist masonry contractors in Wilmette will perform themselves. 

Our contractors are highly trained and skilled to ensure the appropriate amount of work your structure needs. We will consider all things possible, so we can get to the root of the problem and secure a sustainable solution that will have you worry-free for years ahead. Need a parapet wall repair or lintel repair in Wilmette? Our tuckpointing contractors will do all the work! Contact us!

Building Masonry Wilmette, IL As the Best Investment

Masonry in Wilmette is the norm, and there are good reasons for that. Masonry on a new construction offers a great return on investment. Here are a few reasons why masonry is the most popular choice for construction.

1. Unparalleled Durability:
Masonry contractors in Wilmette realize the durability and strength that masonry provides. It can withstand large hail, thrown stones, and minor automobile nudges. And if you ever need masonry repair in Wilmette, it’s easily fixed.  

2. Exceptional Savings on Your Investment and Reduced Maintenance Outlay:
Whenever concrete masonry is chosen, the job can be completed fast. With the variety of finishing possibilities, textures, and colors available, you will not require additional wall coverings. And because of its strength, you will hardly ever need masonry repair in Wilmette. Plus, maintenance is not a common practice since the color will not fade, it can’t rust, and painting is not necessary.

3. Fire Resistance:
Brickwork will not burn, making it an outstanding fire stopgap that can protect your investment in the property and your possessions. You can also save on your insurance rates as a result.

Why Is Tuckpointing Important In Masonry Repair Wilmette, IL For Property Owners?

Home remodeling is more than simply making a house appear nice on the inside. It’s also a strategy to safeguard your biggest assets. When it comes to house upgrades, most property owners contemplate completing a basement, putting in new windows, or obtaining roof repairs, but masonry restoration Wilmette is just as vital, which is where tuckpointing comes in.

If you have any damage to your brickwork but are still unsure if tuckpointing is correct for your masonry in Wilmette examine the following:

  1. Cracked Masonry Repair in WIlmette – During the winter, your brickwork may absorb water, which then freezes and thaws again, leaving your masonry exposed.
  2. Waterproofing and Sealing Your Masonry – Tuckpointing will fill in all the cracks and openings in your brickwork, making it difficult for water to enter and cause damage.
  3. Masonry Contractors in Wilmette Inspection- Masonry contractors have a trained eye, especially when it comes to tuckpointing. While a result, they will identify problem areas as they work and use their experience to provide you with customized masonry repair in Wilmette.

When Is It Too Late For Tuckpointing And Masonry Repair?

Tuckpointing is no longer an option if you see many bricks or blocks of concrete or stone breaking loose from the rest of your brickwork Wilmette. At that time, you should think about pulling down the problematic sections and having TopLine Tuckpointing Contractors repair them.