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As the most reliable company for masonry repair in Niles, TopLine Masonry Contractors is the professional solution you need. In operation since 1999, TopLine Masonry Contractors is the specialist for brickworks in Niles that can be there for your masonry when you need us most.

We have an amazing team of highly experienced masonry contractors in Niles that understands what’s required for every masonry issue. We work on any common masonry repairs, detailed tuckpointing, and very delicate masonry restoration in Niles. With great expertise, we can handle your brickworks, making your building look great while functioning correctly. We also stand ready to provide you with excellent chimney repair in Niles, so you can continue to safely use your fireplace.

Maintain your brickworks to look perfect and function as intended with top-quality masonry and tuckpointing by the experts at TopLine Masonry Contractors. You have found the absolute best for masonry repair in Niles.


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Issues can arise suddenly with the mortar joints on your brickwork, and when they do, call TopLine Masonry Contractors for experienced tuckpointing in Niles. We not only give your bricks a new look but we also keep them completely waterproof. Contact us for expert tuckpointing help on your commercial or residential building.


Older buildings can look run down when in need of masonry repair. For a home or a commercial building, TopLine Masonry Contractors in Niles can revitalize the classic appearance of your historic property with great care. We have masonry restoration specialists who can completely renew the look of your building in every detail, so it is able to impress with that vintage appeal.

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TopLine brings you masonry repair in Niles by true professionals in the industry. For more than 20 years we have been handling the most complex masonry problems, giving us the expertise to handle your building. For cracks, crumbling bricks, a damaged exterior, or anything else you need for your bricks, our help will make you feel confident about your masonry in Niles.


Adding a brick wall, extending a wall, or constructing something entirely new? TopLine Masonry Contractors in Niles has the expertise you need for all kinds of brickworks. Count on us for any project, large or small. We will be there with extensive knowledge and skill to provide you with the very best brickworks professionals in the industry.

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Even minor problems with your chimney are a cause for serious concern. That’s why TopLine Masonry Contractors are ready for you. We offer the finest chimney repair in Niles, responding quickly to assess your chimney and determine the cause of the issue. Our team will then efficiently deliver the necessary repairs so you can safely get your fireplace back into action. Rely on our experts in chimney repair for Niles do get it done right.


Lintel failure is one of the most common and severe structural problems that can affect your house. You will see some form of the lintel above your windows and doors. Some of these are brick lintels, steel lintels, or concrete lintels. Cracks above the windows and doors are the first sign of a problem with a lintel. If the lintel damage is unattended, the lintel part will start to sag visibly. TopLine Masonry Contractors in Niles will provide you with an excellent lintel replacement for an affordable price.



Most of us tend to forget about various things that exist around us and the things that don’t require everyday attention like maintenance of the parapet wall, and sometimes, it costs us dearly. TopLine Masonry Contractors in Niles can conduct yearly maintenance to check if your parapet wall is still in the best condition, and if not, we will perform a parapet wall or parapet repair in Niles. By doing this, you can prolong your roofing life by stopping strong winds from lifting the edge of the roof.

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All About Our Masonry Contractors Niles, IL - TopLine Masonry Contractors

When it comes to any tuckpointing or masonry needs in Niles, TopLine Masonry Contractors has got you covered! Our brickworks expertise is for everyone in the local area, whether you have a residential or commercial property. Rest assured that our masonry contractors in Niles have the experience and skills you are searching for to achieve that much-needed chimney repair or masonry repair at your house. Our masonry contractors have a great eye for detail and steady hands that perform precise work, so you are looking at a beautiful masonry restoration in Niles that would surely last for years if not decades to come. Our dedicated masonry contractors also perform lintel replacement and parapet wall repair in the Niles neighborhood to maintain the strong structure of your property. Give us a call today.


over 20 years of experience

TopLine Masonry Contractors has twenty years of experience in the tuckpointing and masonry industry if you are looking for quality masonry contractors in Niles. We have the knowledge to solve most masonry problems and install new and improved methods to prevent common tuckpointing and masonry mistakes.

great reputation

TopLine Masonry Contractors has established an impeccable reputation for providing the highest quality craftsmanship in Niles. No matter what type of structure, from commercial building to houses, our masonry contractors can ensure our stability and integrity for decades.

friendly customer service

TopLine Masonry Contractors has friendly, courteous, and trustworthy contractors. Our goal is to provide the best possible job for each of our customers in Niles with a smile.

quality workmanship

When you choose to work with TopLine Masonry Contractors, you can rest assured that your project will be completed at the highest workmanship. We ensure that you have competent and efficient masonry and tuckpointing contractors working on your brickworks.

affordable prices

Our masonry and tuckpointing company in Niles strives to provide quality workmanship at a fair price. The volume of clients that we receive reflects in our competitive pricing.

Testimonials - TopLine Tuckpointing & Masonry Contractors Niles, IL

The great experts at TopLine Masonry Contractors were very thorough with my chimney repair in Niles. Their advice and their work were outstanding.

Katherine Hackett
Niles, IL

When the bricks under our kitchen window were giving us problems, we didn’t know who to call. We got TopLine Masonry Contractors in Niles to handle it and they did an excellent job.

Louis Felix
Niles, IL

TopLine Masonry Contractors brought over their best tuckpointing contractors in Niles to deal with my office complex. Their work was completed quickly and they really showed great skill.

Tobi Long
Niles, IL

Frequently Asked Questions - Masonry Contractors Niles, IL

Is it necessary to hire a licensed masonry contractor in Niles?

Yes! Masonry contractors must hold all the required state licenses so you can rest assured that your project is in good hands

What is a masonry repair in Niles?

Masonry repair involves taking damaged masonry sections due to cracking and chipping and replacing them with new bricks, stone, etc. Masonry repair in Niles includes plugging cracks, gaps, and patching.

What is the importance of choosing masonry construction?

Choosing masonry construction ensures you that your home or business will increase its value. Also, choosing the right masonry construction offers structural stability and more. TopLine Masonry Contractors can help you with any of your masonry needs.

What is the best thing to do if I notice masonry damage?

When you notice masonry damage in your property, call TopLine Masonry Contractors in Niles right away. It is imperative to have professional work in your building to conduct an inspection, avoid potential problems in the future, and provide the right solution.

Advantages of Masonry Repair Niles, IL

Masonry deteriorates. Now, for every observed deterioration, what’s necessary is a masonry restoration. 

Masonry has changed due to several conditions; one is age. Another is adverse weather where chimneys endure the brunt of it. Also, a design error is a cause that leads to having unsecured walls that can fall at any time and leaning walls indicating a concern with the structural integrity of your building. 

TopLine Masonry Contractors in Niles are qualified masonry, and tuckpointing contractors for masonry repair solutions to troublesome masonry – brickworks and chimney repair are such. We can prevent the degradation and failure of your chimney. Also, we will analyze the situation and safely secure your walls. Leaks will be addressed and remedied. With great and expert repair work, we can prevent additional harm as one of Nile’s best masonry contractors.

Here at TopLine Masonry Contractors, we got you covered! Contact us now for proven quality tuckpointing, repair, or masonry renovation service!

Building Masonry Niles, IL As the Best Investment

Masonry in Niles is a common sight and with good reason. For new construction, masonry is among the best returns on investment. There’s no denying that masonry is the top choice for construction for several reasons.

1. Unmatched Durability:
Masonry contractors in Niles know just how durable masonry is and the strength it provides. It stands up to hail, thrown stones, or negligible bumps with a car. And if the need arises, masonry repair in Niles is easy to handle.

2. Superior Savings on Your Original Investment and Low Maintenance Costs:
Projects that require concrete masonry in Niles can be finished quickly. And with a variety of finishing options, textures, and colors available, you don’t need additional wall coverings. With its durability, the need for masonry repair in Niles is very rare. Even maintenance is kept to a minimum as the color does not fade, there is no rust, and it never needs painting.

3. Fire Resistance:
Brickwork is non-combustible, which makes it an excellent fire stopgap to protect your investment in the building structure and your belongings. This allows you to save on your insurance rates too.

Why Tuckpointing Is Important For Homeowners In Masonry Repair Niles, IL

Making a house’s interior attractive is just one aspect of home remodeling. Additionally, it’s a means to protect your largest investment. When contemplating house upgrades, most homeowners contemplate completing a basement, getting new windows, or having roof repairs, but masonry restoration in Niles is as vital, and that’s where tuckpointing comes in.

If you have brickwork damage of any type but are still unsure if tuckpointing is the best option for your masonry in Niles, take into account the following:

  1. Repair Masonry That Has Cracks – Your stonework may collect water over the course of the winter, which exposes it to multiple cycles of freezing and thawing.
  2. Watertight & Sealed Masonry Services – Your masonry’s fractures and openings will be filled with tuckpointing, making it more difficult for water to seep in and cause damage.
  3. Masonry contractors Niles Conduct inspections – Particularly when it comes to tuckpointing, experienced tuckpointing contractors have a trained eye. While a result, they will identify problem areas as they work and use their knowledge to provide you with the specialist masonry repair Niles that you need.

When Are Tuckpointing And Masonry Repair in Niles Too Late?

Tuckpointing is no longer an option if you see some bricks, concrete blocks, or stone blocks breaking free from the rest of your brickwork in Niles. At that point, you need to think about demolishing the troublesome portions and hiring TopLine Tuckpointing Contractors to replace them.