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For the most reliable masonry repair in Mount Prospect, TopLine Masonry Contractors is the ultimate professional solution. In business since 1999, TopLine Masonry Contractors is the brickworks specialist in Mount Prospect that you can count on for expert masonry.

Our incredible team of experienced masonry contractors in Mount Prospect understands what needs to be done in every situation. We are ready to work on common masonry repairs, intricate tuckpointing, and extremely delicate masonry restoration in Mount Prospect. Our experts can handle your brickworks to make your building look fantastic and function properly. We are also ready to provide you with outstanding chimney repair in Mount Prospect, so you can get back to using your fireplace safely.

Keep your brickworks looking perfect and functioning as it should with professional masonry and tuckpointing brought to you by TopLine Masonry Contractors. We are the very best for masonry repair in Mount Prospect.


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When a problem develops with the mortar joints on your brickwork, call TopLine Masonry Contractors for professional tuckpointing in Mount Prospect. We will not only upgrade the look of your bricks but will also ensure your walls are completely waterproof. Contact us for your commercial or residential building for our expert tuckpointing help.


If you have an aging or historic building that needs masonry repair, whether it’s a home or commercial structure, we can maintain its classic appearance with TopLine Masonry Contractors in Mount Prospect ready to take action. Our masonry restoration experts can completely renew your building, making every detail look new again while also keeping its historical integrity and beautiful appeal.

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TopLine offers masonry repair in Mount Prospect by professionals that are always prepared to help. Our more than 20 years of experience handling the most complicated masonry problems give us the expertise for your building. Whether you have cracks, crumbling bricks, a damaged exterior, or any other issue, we will help you feel confident about your masonry in Mount Prospect again.


When you’re adding a new brick wall, extending a wall, or constructing something entirely new, TopLine Masonry Contractors in Mount Prospect has experts in brickworks to handle the job. For any project, large or small, we can be there with the knowledge and skill to provide the very best in the brickworks industry.

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Even a minor problem with your chimney can cause serious concern. That’s why you need TopLine Masonry Contractors for the finest chimney repair in Mount Prospect. We can quickly assess your chimney to determine the problem and efficiently provide the necessary repairs to get your fireplace back in action safely. Count on our chimney repair in Mount Prospect to do it right.


Your lintel is the structural support used to help support the load of your windows and doors. The primary purpose of lintel in your house is to provide increased strength for weak areas in the structure, which is why lintel replacement is necessary if it has damaged or broken. If you notice damages in your lintel structure like rot and cracks, TopLine Masonry Contractors will help you with your lintel replacement in Mount Prospect.



If you notice brick or mortar damage in your parapet wall, TopLine Masonry Contractors in Mount Prospect can take care of all types of parapet repair and parapet wall rebuild using a variety of techniques. When you hire us, you can rest assured that our parapet waterproofing methods are both proven and effective, and you can prolong the life of your roofing by stopping strong winds.

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When it comes to your tuckpointing and masonry needs in Mount Prospect, TopLine Masonry Contractors are the ones that got your back. Our contractors will make sure that your brickwork keeps its great beauty through the exceptional skill of our masonry and tuckpointing contractors. Mount Prospect residents and business owners no longer have to worry about mortar cracks because we will be here for you as fast as we can. With our masonry restoration, we will make sure that your home or business will be protected from water and pests. Our team of masonry contractors in Mount Prospect only uses top quality materials that will be beautiful and will last for years. Contact us so that you can protect your home and business from any weather conditions it may face.


over 20 years of experience

For 20 years, TopLine Masonry Contractors in Mount Prospect has been providing top-notch masonry and tuckpointing projects. We have handled diverse masonry and tuckpointing problems and have fixed poor jobs, that is why we can give solutions to any issues.

great reputation

TopLine Masonry Contractors is well known in the masonry and tuckpointing industry for providing quality tuckpointing, chimney repair, brickwork and masonry restoration in Mount Prospect. We will be happy to offer you a reference for our success rate and long-standing relationship with clients.

friendly customer service

Our masonry contractors and tuckpointing contractors in Mount Prospect are focused on giving our customers the best job, no matter the size of the job. We are friendly, and we do each project with a smile.

quality workmanship

TopLine Masonry Contractors in Mount Prospect focuses on our core values: absolute quality, tireless workmanship, and expert craftsmanship. When you choose to work with us, you can have peace of mind and you will get the highest quality standards for your brickworks.

affordable prices

TopLine Masonry Contractors works within our customers' budget to ensure you will get the highest services using co-effective strategies.

TopLine Tuckpointing & Masonry Contractors Mount Prospect, IL - Testimonials

The amazing team at TopLine Masonry Contractors put my mind at ease with our chimney repair in Mount Prospect. They not only took care of the issue but me too.

Phyllis Terry
Mount Prospect, IL

The brickwork on the side of our house was beginning to fall away so we got TopLine Masonry Contractors in Mount Prospect in to help. They fixed it in no time and everything looks great.

Jordan-Lee Martin
Mount Prospect, IL

TopLine Masonry Contractors did a remarkable job for my office building through their tuckpointing contractors in Mount Prospect. Their speed, quality, and service were all fantastic.

Rudy Lindsey
Mount Prospect, IL

Tuckpointing Mount Prospect, IL - What Is Crucial

When the mortar joints on your masonry in Mount Prospect have cracked, flaked, or deteriorated in any way, tuckpointing is the solution you need. Using the proper materials and techniques can provide a waterproof seal on your masonry, but at TopLine Masonry Contractors in Mount Prospect, we believe that it should also look beautiful as part of its function. That’s why our expert team carefully matches the new mortar to your existing masonry when handling your tuckpointing so we can complement your mortar and profile.

The first step our tuckpointing contractors in Mount Prospect will take is to grind out the mortar joint to a minimum of a half-inch depth or until solid mortar is found to prepare it for the next step. Then tuckpointing can take place using new mortar with a color matching the existing material as closely as possible. When the mortar is just hard enough for a thumbprint, it is tooled to create a concave profile and a watertight seal.

Masonry Contractors Mount Prospect, IL - Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need to hire a licensed masonry contractor in Mount Prospect?

Hiring a licensed masonry contractor ensures that a company is professional and meets all the required rules and regulations.

What is the meaning of masonry repair in Mount Prospect?

Masonry repair in Mount Prospect is the process of fixing individual sections of your walls to regain the structural integrity of your building. The process includes replacing stones or bricks with new ones or filling the cracks and gaps using concrete or sand filling.

How can masonry construction help me?

Masonry construction has incorporated modern developments. When you choose masonry construction, you can rest assured that it will enhance your structural integrity performance.

If I notice masonry damage on my property, what should I do first?

Walk around the part of your building where masonry exists and keep an eye on the signs of potential damage. Call TopLine Masonry Construction in Mount Prospect. We are the professionals who can help you prevent major damage to your building and conduct repairs to any damage.

Benefits of Masonry Repair Mount Prospect, IL

A weak tuckpointing work can easily cause your structure’s demise while strong and robust brickworks in Mount Prospect can do wonders for your property. Additionally, choosing the company that will work on your tuckpointing needs can make a world of difference when it comes to the finished result. 

At TopLine Masonry Contractors, we provide high-quality masonry restoration, lintel replacement, and other types of masonry work your place requires. We have highly skilled tuckpointing contractors in Mount Prospect that are eager to serve you and leave your structure better than ever. By hiring professional masonry contractors near you in Mount Prospect, you can expect quality work done at reasonable costs. No need to guess about the timeframe as we keep our services at our company transparent and honest. We inspect all areas of a structure thoroughly to make sure we are not overlooking any major or minor issues. Call us today!

Concrete Masonry Mount Prospect, IL - Why It is Your Best Investment

Masonry in Mount Prospect is a very prevalent construction material for good reason. Masonry contractors provide an excellent return on investment for a new construction. Choosing between masonry in Mount Prospect and other building solutions is easy.

1. Unparalleled Durability:
Masonry contractors in Mount Prospect rely on the strength of brickwork for excellent protection from hail damage, stones, or negligible incidental vehicle knocks. But damage is simple to handle with masonry repair in Mount Prospect.

2. Small Outlay and Maintenance Charges:
Concrete masonry in Mount Prospect can be built quickly and thanks to the existing range of finishes, textures, and colors, you don’t need wall coverings, which saves on additional design costs. Because it’s durable, you can avoid masonry repairs. The need for maintenance will be kept low as masonry in Mount Prospect does not fade or rust.  

3. Fire Resistant:
Since it is a non-combustible material, masonry in Mount Prospect makes a fire stopgap for added property protection that offers savings on your insurance costs.

Tuckpointing Mount Prospect, IL - Why Is It Important Part Of Masonry Repair?

Home improvement is often thought of as finishing a basement, reworking the kitchen, or getting new floors. In short, it’s a plan to make the interior of the home look better. But it’s more than that. It’s a way to take good care of your largest investment, even on the exterior. What’s just as important is masonry restoration in Mount Prospect, which is what tuckpointing can do.
It’s difficult to know how to handle damage to your brickwork, but to be sure the tuckpointing is the way to go for your masonry in Mount Prospect, here are some things to consider:

  1. Repair Masonry Repair in Mount Prospect – In the Winter, your masonry can absorb and retain water. The freezing and thawing cycles as the season progresses weaken your masonry.
  2. Waterproofing and Sealing Your Masonry in Mount Prospect – Tuckpointing is designed to fill in any cracks and gaps in your mortar so that water can’t get in to cause damage.
  3. Inspection by Masonry Contractors in Mount Prospect– Experienced masonry contractors know what to look for in recommending tuckpointing. They can find problem areas while the work is done to handle this type of highly specialized masonry repair in Mount Prospect.

If you find multiple bricks, pieces of concrete, or stones that have loosened from the rest of the masonry, it’s a problem tuckpointing can no longer repair. If you have reached this point, consider removing the affected areas entirely so they can be replaced by TopLine Masonry Contractors in Mount Prospect.

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At TopLine Masonry Contractors we’re proud of being the number one provider of services for brickworks Mount Prospect market offers. Our experienced contractors perform the work of masonry repair and restoration, lintel repair and replacement, parapet wall repair, chimney repair and tuckpointing. Our meticulous, skilled staff is committed to delivering high-quality projects on time to your full satisfaction. 

Call today for a consultation, and find out why we are the contractors for masonry Mount Prospect residents prefer!