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For any kind of masonry repair in Evanston, TopLine Masonry Contractors is the ultimate solution for professional and reliable expertise. We have been operating since 1999 so the experience from TopLine Masonry Contractors on all types of brickworks is reliable to care for your masonry in Evanston.

Our incredible team of experienced masonry contractors in Evanston understands what needs to be done in every situation. We work on everything from common masonry repairs to finely detailed tuckpointing to extremely delicate masonry restoration in Evanston. We are the experts who can handle the issue and make your building look and function perfectly. That even includes professional chimney repair in Evanston, so you can use safely make use of your fireplace.

Give your brickworks the attention needed to look amazing and function correctly with professional masonry and tuckpointing from TopLine Masonry Contractors. We are the number 1 choice for masonry repair in Evanston.


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Mortar joints can buckle under the strain of everyday wear and tear. That’s when you should call TopLine Masonry Contractors. We have extensive expertise with tuckpointing in Evanston as our tuckpointing contractors can not only transform the look of your building but we can also ensure your bricks are sealed to protect against water penetration. Whether it’s a commercial building or a residential home, our tuckpointing contractors in Evanston can help.


Just because a building has aged, doesn’t mean it can’t look great, especially if it is a historic building that needs masonry restoration. You can maintain the beautiful look of the building with the help of TopLine Masonry Contractors in Evanston. We have masonry contractors ready to completely renew your old building, bringing it back to its original beauty while cherishing its historical integrity and appeal.

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Our masonry repair specialists are standing by to help with more than 20 years of experience. We can handle even the most complicated masonry repair in Evanston, including cracks, crumbling bricks, damaged exteriors, and more. Make short work of your masonry issues confidently with just one call to TopLine Masonry Contractors in Evanston.


With TopLine Masonry Contractors, adding a new wall, extending a wall, or constructing something brand new is simple. Our masonry contractors are specialists with brickworks in Evanston that are capable of handling the issue. Whether it’s a small or large problem with your bricks, we can provide our customary expert workmanship to leave you with the brickworks you want to see.

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A problem with your chimney can be a major hazard that requires immediate attention. That’s why TopLine Masonry Contractors is very focused when it comes to chimney repair in Evanston. Our expert in chimney restoration can quickly assess the issue and get it back in perfect shape so you can continue using your fireplace safely. Our chimney repair in Evanston is essential for home safety inside and out.


A lintel is an important aspect of any brick portal, hence you should be keen on its maintenance for structural safety. We at TopLine Masonry Contractors can deliver the quality lintel replacement you need in Evanston for your home or office. We use high-quality materials and hire the professional masonry contractors in the Evanston area to ensure the best results all at an affordable price.



Brick or mortar damage can greatly damage your parapet wall. In this instance, the best thing to do is to contact us at TopLine Masonry Contractors in the Evanston area. Whether you need a parapet wall repair in Evanston or an entire parapet wall rebuild, TopLine Masonry Contractors can deliver. A high-quality parapet wall can effectively protect your roof from being blown off at the instance of strong winds. With proper maintenance, your parapet wall would surely prove its great quality over time.

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TopLine Masonry Contractors in Evanston is here to provide the best tuckpointing and masonry services for you. We ensure that your brickworks will retain its great beauty through our contractor’s exceptional skills and knowledge. We provide services for both residential and commercial properties. With our company, you do not need to worry about mortar cracks, because our tuckpointing contractors and masonry contractors will take care of it fast. Our team of contractors will give the bricks that your home and business deserve. With our chimney repair service in Evanston, we only use the highest quality of materials to ensure that your home and business is not only beautiful but can withstand any weather conditions it may face.

What Makes Topline Masonry Contractors The Best Choice For Your Masonry Restoration & Tuckpointing Evanston, Il

over 20 years of experience

We have been in operation serving the community for over 20 years. That makes TopLine Masonry Contractors the leading experts you need for masonry and tuckpointing in Evanston.

great reputation

There is nothing more important to the success of a company than how they are perceived by past customers. At TopLine Masonry Contractors in Evanston, our great reputation precedes us.

friendly customer service

TopLine Masonry Contractors is known for being focused on the best possible outcome for our customers. On every project, our masonry contractors and tuckpointing contractors in Evanston work with a smile.

quality workmanship

When you entrust your brickworks in Evanston to the professionals at TopLine Masonry Contractors, you are ensuring that you receive the best possible work for your masonry.

affordable prices

For excellent masonry and tuckpointing, you don’t have to exceed your budget. TopLine Masonry Contractors in Evanston offers an affordable solution with your budget in mind on every project.

What Clients Say About TopLine Tuckpointing & Masonry Contractors Evanston, IL

TopLine Masonry Contractors gave me the masonry repair in Evanston that I was looking to get for a while. I’m so glad I called them because it turned out that my brickwork was worse than I thought. They were remarkable.

Dillon Howells
Evanston, IL

For my lintel repair in Evanston, TopLine Masonry Contractors was kind, quick, and professional in their work. I was very happy with them.

Clara Mendoza
Evanston, IL

TopLine Masonry Contractors handled my masonry restoration in Evanston with precision and care. These masonry contractors did a wonderful job on my old building.

Lukas Cortez
Evanston, IL

TopLine Masonry Contractors Evanston, IL - What is Crucial in Tuckpointing?

When your joints have cracked, disintegrated, or flaked, tuckpointing in Evanston is necessary. All of these happen due to the abrasive effects of the elements. With the right materials and technique, your property will look good as new after a tuckpointing service is done. Our professional tuckpointing contractors in Evanston are here to carefully select the proper mortar mix and tools to complement your existing mortar color and profile.

The initial step to prepare the mortar joint is by grinding it out to a minimum depth of 1/2″ or until sound mortar is reached. When the joint is ground out, it will be tuckpointed with new mortar in color to match the existing as close as possible. Once the mortar is thumbprint hard, the joint is tooled to form a concave profile for a watertight seal. Call TopLine Masonry Contractors in Evanston for your brickworks needs!

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FAQ - TopLine Masonry Contractors & Tuckpointing Evanston, IL

How long does tuckpointing last?

Premium tuckpointing work should last for years or even decades, provided it has been applied with high quality by expert tuckpointing contractors in Evanston. This can effectively reduce water leaks and other common tuckpointing issues.

Do you match mortar to my home?​

Our expert masonry contractors specialize in mortar color matching. As a result, we can make any masonry restoration or masonry repair in Evanston perfectly fitting to the original masonry design. 

Can you help with chimney repair?

Absolutely. We offer chimney repair and restoration services at TopLine Masonry Contractors & Tuckpointing for residential and commercial establishments in Evanston. Call us to set an appointment with our expert masonry contractors in Evanston. 

Are you a licensed company?

TopLine Masonry Contractors & Tuckpointing is a licensed and bonded masonry company in the Evanston area. Rest assured you can trust our services and expertise in the industry.

The Benefits of Masonry Repair Evanston, IL Evanston, IL

TopLine Tuckpointing & Masonry Contractors in Evanston are skilled specialists for masonry repair solutions to problematic masonry.

Cracking along mortar joints can be caused by many factors. The foundation may have shifted as it settles; age can be a factor or even a design flaw.

Chimneys can take the brunt of bad weather and need to be inspected from time to time. Tuckpointing services in Evanston can save your chimney from deterioration and failure.

Leaning walls indicate a problem with the integrity of your structure. Our masonry contractors in Evanston can take a look and suggest some masonry repair.

Unsecured walls are dangerous as they can fall at any moment. Our masonry repair team is highly skilled in Evanston and will assess the situation and safely secure your walls.

Leaks, when they appear, need immediate attention and remediation. Evanston’s finest masonry contractors can prevent further damage with proper and skilled repair work.

Reasons Why a Building of Concrete Masonry Evanston, IL is Your Best Investment

Masonry in Evanston is the most popular construction material, and for good reason. Masonry contractors offer the best return on a new structural investment. Making the choice between masonry in Evanston and other construction solutions is easy.

1. Unmatched Durability:
Masonry contractors in Evanston know the strength of brickwork. It offers protection against hail damage, stones, and minor incidental vehicle bumps. But damage is easy to deal with through masonry repair in Evanston.

2. Low Investment and Maintenance Costs:
Concrete masonry in Evanston can be constructed quickly and with the available range of finishes, textures, and colors, additional wall coverings are not necessary, saving on design expenses. And with its durability, it’s unlikely to require masonry repair. Maintenance needs are also kept low since masonry in Evanston will not fade or rust.

3. Fire Resistant:
As a non-combustible material, masonry in Evanston serves as a fire stopgap measure, so you have added protection for your property. You can benefit from insurance savings as a result.

Importance of Tuckpointing Evanston, IL As a Part of Masonry Repair

Home improvement is often thought of as making the living space look its best, but it’s more than that. It also serves to care for the biggest investment you own. As many homeowners plan for a finished basement, new window replacement, or roof repairs when thinking about home improvements, most never think about masonry restoration in Evanston, which is equally important. That’s why every homeowner should consider tuckpointing in Evanston.

If you notice even minor brickwork damage and you are not sure about tuckpointing for your masonry in Evanston, these points may help you make up your mind: 

  1. Cracked Masonry Repair in Evanston – Through the winter, your masonry can absorb water. As that water freezes and thaws all winter long, it could create and expand cracks, leaving your masonry further exposed. 
  2. Your Masonry in Evanston Should Be Sealed and Waterproof – Tuckpointing ensures all the gaps in your masonry are filled so that water cannot penetrate and cause damage. 
  3. Inspection by Professional Masonry Contractors in Evanston– Experienced masonry contractors know what to look for when it comes to tuckpointing in Evanston. They can find trouble spots as they inspect your structure and do the work, so you receive exactly the masonry repair you need. 


When you find that bricks, blocks of concrete, or stone have come apart from your remaining masonry in Evanston, it’s too late for tuckpointing. It will be a much more costly masonry repair in Evanston as the problem areas must be replaced by the experts at TopLine Masonry Contractors.

TopLine Masonry Contractors Evanston, IL - Service Area

TopLine Masonry Contractors offers outstanding tuckpointing, masonry, chimney repair, masonry repair and restoration, lintel repair and replacement, parapet wall repair, and other brickworks services in Evanston and its neighboring cities. We are committed to completing every project on time, within your budget, and to our customers’ satisfaction. Our masonry contractors have built a reputation on precision, skills, and technique.

We are ready to come to your area. Call us today to schedule a design consultation with us.