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The number one structural problem that can affect a house is lintel failure. These usually occur on most windows and doors where brick lintels, steel lintels, or concrete lintels are present. One of the first signs that you have a lintel problem is that you’ll see cracks in the masonry above your doors and windows. And once you see those signs, it is best to get a lintel repair done. These types of problems need to be addressed quickly, which is why TopLine Lintel Repair is here to make sure that your structure is in its best shape.

When it comes to cracks above your window or door, we are the ones that can help you. We have been providing outstanding lintel repair services in Chicago for years and have gained the proper knowledge as well as skills to get the job done. Don’t hesitate to give our professionals a call today!


The lintel is the solid masonry block that goes across the top of brick structure doorways. If your lintel is cracked, it can compromise the integrity of the entire wall as the crack grows and lintel starts to weaken. A weak masonry structure is no place to live or work.

You might be thinking that your lintel is thick and should be fine even if it is cracked. But, doorways are load bearing and with the lintel above the doorway, it carries a large sum of the weight of the wall.

If you want to know if you need lintel repair in Chicago, call us for an estimate, advice, and to schedule a lintel repair before it is an unsafe situation. We are ready to answer all of your questions with care, with courtesy, and with a wealth of knowledge from many years serving the lintel repair needs of Chicago.


Corrosion or cracks above your windows or doors can be a sign that your lintels are failing and require lintel repair. It is time to call Topline Lintel Repair Service in Chicago. Lintels carry the weight load above doors and windows. They are most commonly made from concrete and rebar reinforcements but can also be timber, bricks, steel, or stone. Damp weather can cause lintel failure, causing cracking, corrosion, expansion, or rotting, which reduces the lintel’s strength. Shifting ground can change the foundation level and the wall’s structural integrity, which increases the weight on the lintels.

If you notice any of these signs, Topline Lintel Repair Service is Chicago’s expert team. We are ready to assist in the lintel repair and prevention of any more extensive structural damages. To quickly and efficiently repair any lintel for your windows, doors, and fireplaces, contact Topline Lintel Repair Service today!