Lintel Replacement Chicago, IL – FAQ

How long do steel lintels last?

Steel lintels are heavy-duty and can last between five to ten years. To maximize and increase their lifespan, maintain your lintels by cleaning out existing weep tubes by scraping, priming, and painting them to prevent rusting. You may also ask for professional help for lintel replacement in Chicago.


What other services can I avail myself of during lintel replacement?

Professional companies like TopLine Lintel Replacement will also identify any repair needed in your window, door, garage doors springs, or window glass while replacing your lintel.


What are the signs that I need lintel replacement?

Cracks on the mortar around the area where lintel is located: If there’s a crack in your mortar and they are not getting sufficient support, you need a lintel replacement in Chicago. The cracks could threaten the people in your building as the mortar will grow weak.

Corroded Parts on the lintel: Steel lintels that are placed in an area that is humid and exposed to a moist environment will corrode the steel. Replace them as soon as possible because there is no way to tell when they will break.

Line Cracks in Mortar: Line cracks can also cause stone and bricks to move out of place; you need to call the professionals once you observe serious deterioration.


What causes lintel deterioration?

Steel lintels are susceptible to rust and other oxidation problems. Severe weather can cause your lintel to be damaged quickly. Avoiding cracks is one way to keep deterioration at bay. Make sure to hire professional lintel companies like TopLine Lintel Replacement for your lintel replacement in Chicago. Hiring expert contractors can help you regularly inspect and maintain your structure to avoid putting pressure on the surrounding walls that cause your building to be unstable without crucial support.

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