Importance of Tuckpointing Chicago, IL During the Spring

The winter months can cause major stress to a chimney system. Temperature swings and extremes, along with plenty of precipitation can damage a chimney extensively. This damage can affect the chimney crown, flashing, flue, and masonry so it’s important to have professional chimney repair in Chicago when spring begins.

The freeze and thaw cycles over the winter create difficult conditions for your masonry in Chicago. Water gets into the masonry through small cracks in the mortar and expands as it freezes which breaks the masonry apart from the inside. Then as the fireplace is used to warm up the chimney, or the sun melts the ice, water seeps further into the masonry to cause further damage.

Masonry damage will only worsen without the proper masonry repair in Chicago, so cracks and gaps will get larger to allow much more spring moisture inside to damage the interior.

Water may enter through any masonry damage, whether it’s on your exterior walls or your chimney. At TopLine Tuckpointing & Masonry Contractors in Chicago, it is our mission to offer masonry repair so that the spring rainy season doesn’t make the damage worse, leaving you with expensive masonry repair costs.

For waterproof masonry repairs, you need tuckpointing in Chicago. Our masonry contractors have experience and extensive training in the tuckpointing process where the damaged masonry is removed. The mortar is then replaced to offer strength and stability in a color that matches the building.

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