Masonry Chicago, IL – Basics Every Homeowner Needs to Know

Whenever one sees brickworks, masonry then comes into mind. However, real masonry is more than just brickworks. Here’s for further masonry Chicago info. 

Masonry Components

Individual bricks, stone, concrete blocks, marble, or other materials are widely used in masonry construction, with mortar – a binding medium made from diverse ingredients such as lime, cement, and soil combined with sand.

Masonry’s Most Common Applications

There are two most common types of masonry used in construction. First is solid masonry in Chicago, which refers to a stand-alone, carrying weight, and surviving the elements. Secondly, veneer masonry is built on the outside of an existing structure to alter its aesthetic, not designed to be self-contained.

For every architecture made out of masonry, the components utilized must be graded to endure both the load and the weather where they are built. As a result, mortar is rated according to its strength and resistance to these forces. Mortar is categorized into four types: M, S, N, and O, with M being the most powerful and O being the weakest.

Brick, Stone, and Concrete

These three are some of the most common building materials that come individually and are then mortared together to make a structure called masonry. 

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