What is a Lintel and Why You May Need a Lintel Replacement in Chicago

No, a lintel is not food. It is, in fact, a very important structural support for a home that many homeowners don’t know about or even think about. Here, we will go over what a lintel is, what a lintel does, and why it is important for any homeowner to make sure that a lintel replacement in Chicago is not necessary until it becomes so.  

Explanation of a Lintel

A lintel is often a steel beam that spans across all home openings, whether they are doors or windows. They are designed to support the weight of the building over each opening, as windows and doors are structural pieces of a home. As the home is constructed and the architectural openings are created, there remains a concentrated weight load above the window or doorway which must be supported to ensure structural stability. Lintels are most often found on brick or other masonry structures, which is why masonry contractors in Chicago, like those found at Topline Lintel Replacement, are needed for any lintel problems. Wood structures also have support beams that serve the same purpose, but they are called headers.

Where Are Lintels Found?

If you have a brick or masonry block home, you can find your lintels on the outside and on top of each window and door supporting the bricks above.  There are six lintel varieties, but for the purpose of keeping it simple, we’ll deal with the basics here, where we will focus on the most often used for lintel replacement in Chicago.

Steel Lintels, or angle steel, is the most prevalent type of lintel and you can find in the region. Two pieces of angled steel are installed by masonry contractors in Chicago to support the brickwork over the openings on a structure. The steel takes on the weight of the wall, so your windows and doors do not buckle under that weight.

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