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For all kinds of masonry repair in Chicago, TopLine Masonry Contractors is your solution to professional and reliable expertise. In operation since 1999, TopLine Masonry Contractors is Chicago’s brickworks specialist you can count on to take care of your masonry.

Our team of experienced masonry contractors in Chicago knows what to do in every circumstance. From common masonry repair to intricate tuckpointing to delicate masonry restoration in Chicago, we have the experts who can deal with the problem and make your building look perfect. We can even provide outstanding chimney repair in Chicago, so you can use your fireplace without worry.

Make your brickworks look great and function properly with the professional masonry and tuckpointing offered by TopLine Masonry Contractors. We are the top choice for masonry repair in Chicago.

Tuckpointing, Masonry & Chimney Repair Services provided by TopLine Masonry Contractors Chicago, IL

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When you have an issue with your mortar joints, it’s time to call TopLine Masonry Contractors for our expert tuckpointing in Chicago. We can not only transform the look of your bricks but we can also make sure your walls are sealed against water penetration. Whether it’s a commercial building or a residential structure, we can help.

If you have an old or historic building that needs masonry work, and you want to maintain the classic look of the building, then TopLine Masonry Contractors in Chicago is the answer. We have masonry restoration experts that can completely renew your old building, making it look new again while still keeping the historical integrity and appeal.

masonry restoration done by tuckpointing and masonry contractors in Chicago
masonry restoration done by masonry contractors in Chicago

Our specialists in masonry repair in Chicago are always ready to help with over 20 years of experience to handle even the most complicated masonry issues. Cracks, crumbling bricks, damaged exteriors, and more, we are able to make short work of it so you can feel confident about your masonry in Chicago.

Adding a new wall, extending a wall, or building something completely new, TopLine Masonry Contractors in Chicago has specialists in brickworks that can handle the task. There is no project too large or too small that we can’t provide our best work for and give you the brickworks you’re looking for.

masonry repair done by masonry contractors in Chicago
chimney repair in Chicago


If you even suspect a problem with your chimney, call TopLine Masonry Contractors for expert chimney repair in Chicago. We will assess the problem and make the necessary repairs so you can get back to using your fireplace safely. Our chimney repair in Chicago is one of the most important services we offer at the finest quality you can rely on.

One of the early signs of lintel failure may include cracked bricks or cracked exterior walls around a window or a door. When the damage progresses, the lintel will start to sag visibly. TopLine Masonry Contractors will be here to provide you with the lintel replacement that you need in Chicago. We make sure to provide you with the highest quality of work at an affordable price.

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Participial corner view of three stories of a tall brown brick building with tall windows, ice hanging off the window sills and tan color decorative trim. The sky in the background is grey.

If you start to notice brick or mortar damage on top of your parapet wall, it is the best time to call TopLine Masonry Contractors. We will schedule you for a parapet wall rebuild or parapet wall repair in Chicago so that you can prolong the life of your roofing by stopping strong winds from lifting the edge of the roof. However, they may be great for harsh weather, it is also a great idea to keep them maintained.

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At TopLine Masonry Contractors in Chicago, we make sure that your brickwork retains its great beauty through the exceptional skill of our masonry and tuckpointing contractors. Chicago residents and business owners don’t have to worry about mortar cracks, because even though it’s only a matter of time before water and pests find their way in, we’re here to take care of it fast. Our team of masonry contractors in Chicago will give your bricks the attention they need so they look great and last for years. Because our masonry contractors use top- quality materials, we know that your masonry and tuckpointing will remain in great shape. Count on our experience with tuckpointing and masonry restoration in Chicago to handle your residential or commercial brickworks project.

What Makes TopLine Masonry Contractors in Chicago the Right Choice for Your Tuckpointing & Masonry Restoration?

over 20 years of experience

Having been in business for over 20 years, that makes TopLine Masonry Contractors in Chicago the experts you need for your masonry and tuckpointing.

great reputation

There is nothing better than the merits of a company’s previous work to uphold just how great they are. That’s exactly what we have backing us at TopLine Masonry Contractors in Chicago.

friendly customer service

At TopLine Masonry Contractors, our team is focused on doing the best possible job for our customers. The difference we make is that our masonry contractors and tuckpointing contractors do it with a smile.

quality workmanship

When you trust the professionals at TopLine Masonry Contractors in Chicago, you are ensuring the best possible workmanship you can have for your brickworks.

affordable prices

Great masonry and tuckpointing in Chicago don’t have to be outrageously expensive. TopLine Masonry Contractors makes it all affordable and convenient for every job.


The good people at TopLine Masonry Contractors did a wonderful job with my chimney repair in Chicago. They made everything clear and did great work.

Allison E. Robertson
Chicago, IL

We had problems with the bricks under a window and we weren’t sure how to fix it. TopLine’s masonry repair experts took care of it fast and effectively.

Robert K. Jackson
Chicago, IL

TopLine offered me terrific tuckpointing contractors in Chicago to help care for my office building. They worked fast, did excellent work, and made it look easy.

John S. Mitchell
Chicago, IL


When it comes to tuckpointing in Chicago, Topline Masonry Contractors is the expert on the subject. Today we’ll explain about the importance and process of tuckpointing jobs. If your mortar joints show signs of cracking, flaking, or disintegration over time, it is clear that you should contact your tuckpointing contractors, since if the respective repairs are not made, the structure could deteriorate further to the point of being damaged beyond economical repair. 
At Topline, we take care not only of fixing your masonry, but also improving its appearance. Therefore, we’ll explain a little more about our process. Our masonry contractors will first prepare a new mortar joint by polishing it until it has a depth of ½’’ or when it reaches a sound mortar. Later and when the aforementioned joint is grounded out, a tuckpointing process will be done to match it with the existing ones. Shortly after the mortar had hardened enough, its joints will be molded to form a profile with the purpose of creating a watertight seal.

FAQ - Tuckpointing & Masonry Contractors Chicago, IL

Why should I hire a licensed masonry contractor in Chicago?

Hiring a licensed masonry contractor is essential because it protects you and your structure from anything that might go wrong during the process. TopLine Masonry Contractors has professional masonry contractors in Chicago who are trained and meet all the required rules and regulations. 

What is a masonry repair?

Masonry repair is the process of taking damaged sections and replacing them with new bricks or stones to regain your building’s structural integrity. 

What is the advantage of hiring masonry construction? 

Our masonry contractor in Chicago has incorporated modern developments when it comes to strengthening your structure. We can handle tuckpointing, chimney repair, brickworks, lintel repair, linter replacement, parapet wall repair, and masonry restoration that require the professionals’ work. 

What is the first thing I should do if I notice masonry damage?

Only an experienced and highly skilled masonry contractor should perform masonry repairs. Call TopLine Masonry Contractors in Chicago if you notice any problems to prevent having significant damage to your property. 


Masonry is durable enough to last for a lifetime, however, due to poor construction and constant exposure to the elements of weather, it can lead to damaged mortar joints and bricks. The materials in masonry are naturally porous which is why they absorb water, raim, or melted ice and snow.  Another reason, masonry is prone to cracking and chipping is why masonry repair becomes necessary over time. Once neglected, the water can cause a collapse of the structure. 

Masonry repair involves taking the damaged section and replacing them with new bricks or stones. For large cracks, sand-patching pr concrete filling will be done if necessary. Masonry repairs can be tedious depending on the damage and how detailed it is. 

If you need masonry repair or masonry restoration in Chicago, you can trust TopLine Masonry Contractors. We have professional and highly-skilled masonry contractors who are always ready to help you restore your structure.

Why a Building of Concrete Masonry Chicago is The Best Investment You Can Make

Masonry is Chicago’s material of choice for construction, and there’s a good reason for that. Masonry provides one of the best dollar-for-dollar returns on your new construction investment. These days, the choice between masonry construction and other solutions is an easy one.

1. Exceptional Durability:

Masonry contractors in Chicago understand how durable and strong masonry is. It will not dent as a result of hail, thrown stones, or minor accidental car bumps. But even still, masonry repair in Chicago is easy.

2. Great Savings on Your Initial Investment and Maintenance Costs:

Concrete masonry in Chicago can be completed in a single operation. Thanks to a range of finishing options, various textures, and an array of colors, there is no need for added wall coverings. And its durability makes the need for masonry repair in Chicago very limited. Plus, this is a low-maintenance material, as the color will not fade or rust, so there is no need for painting or frequent care.

3. Fire Resistant:

Masonry is non-combustible, so it is a fire stopgap measure to protect the investment you have in your building and its contents. That also benefits your insurance rates.

Why tuckpointing is important as part of masonry repair for Chicago homeowners

Home improvement is more than just making the inside of a home look good. It’s also a way to take care of your biggest investment. Most homeowners think about finishing a basement, installing new windows, or getting roof repairs when considering home improvements, but masonry restoration in Chicago is just as important, and that’s where tuckpointing comes in.

If you have any kind of damage to your brickwork but you’re still not certain that tuckpointing is right for your masonry in Chicago, consider these points:

  1. Repair Cracked Masonry in Chicago – Over the winter, your masonry may absorb water, which goes through numerous freezing and thawing cycles, making your masonry vulnerable.
  2. Waterproofs and Seals Your Masonry in Chicago – Tuckpointing will fill in all the cracks and gaps in your masonry, water will have a hard time finding a way in and causing damage.
  3. Inspection by Masonry Contractors in Chicago– Professional masonry contractors have a trained eye, particularly when it comes to tuckpointing. So they will notice problem areas as they do the work and use their expertise to give you that specialized masonry repair in Chicago.


If you see multiple bricks or blocks of concrete or stone coming loose from the rest of your masonry in Chicago, tuckpointing is no longer an option. At that point, you should consider tearing down the problem areas and having them replaced by TopLine Tuckpointing Contractors. 


At TopLine Masonry Contractors, you can count on us to be there. We have masonry and tuckpointing contractors available to serve Chicago 60613, 60614, and 60642. Plus, our masonry experts can bring their skills to you in the Mount Prospect, Niles, Wilmette, and Evanston areas. When it comes to your brickworks, make sure you call on the professionals at TopLine Masonry Contractors. We enjoy serving the Chicago area and we are ready to come to your area.


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